Goals Check-in: 2018, The Third


In this goals check-in, I have failure to report, as well as progress, and some extras!


First, the failures: blogging. I haven’t gotten better, only worse. Having a baby to run after is hard, folks. (And these days, I certainly do have to run!) This means that all my great plans have amounted to exactly nil, including the sharing of work that I love. And my intentions for that YouTube project? Almost entirely off the radar for the past three months. Creative time? Not even a passing thought since my last update, which sucks because summer was the best opportunity with the sheer number of people available to baby-watch.


I’ll do my best not to recap prior check-in posts (here and here), which did a decent job of tackling the bulk of my goals for the year. So, here we go with the new stuff!

  • Travel: I made it to ReaderCon! Where I took part in a live recording of The Word Count podcast and read my story to an actual audience! And I would have made it to RoberCon in Binghamton, NY, except I hit a deer in August and the shop has so much work that we’re still waiting for that appointment.
  • Theatre: I auditioned for a paying gig! *fingers crossed* They won’t tell me anything for a while yet, but it was for a local summer repertory theatre where I have a few friends. Every little bit helps me stay home with the baby and keep creating.
  • Writing: I still haven’t queried the novel, but I have nearly finished the query letter and I have a second draft of the synopsis. Now that I’ve binge-watched the last two seasons of Doctor Who, I need to bust ass to get the query out by the end of the month. Bonus! I’m prepping to tackle a new novel!
  • Submitting: I SUBMITTED A SHORT STORY!!! And got rejected, but damn it, I submitted something! My husband also gave me a Duotrope subscription for my birthday! I haven’t activated it yet because I haven’t been in a headspace to put it to use, but this rejection has lit a fire.
  • Baby: we’re getting better at not being ridiculously late to everything! The lack of the day job has been AMAZING for this (though I still feel like I’m not doing enough for her, which I’m pretty sure never goes away). Looking forward to Christmas gift crafting with her!


Not really goals at this point, so much as things I’ve accomplished that feel notable. These are things I would have liked to have set as goals, but it either never occurred to me or I opted against in order to stack the deck in my favor. Which is a thing I do with goals because it makes me feel better when I check off all (or almost all) of them.

  1. I’M READING AGAIN!!! So I left work in June. Before then, I’d read a grand total of ten books. For the entire year. Within a month of leaving, I’d read an additional seven, which doesn’t even include the picture books.
  2. I’m doing NaNo/Novel in 90. This month, I plot and plan and prep, next month I write like I’m possessed, and (maybe? hopefully?) finish the novel in December.
  3. I’m finally listening to podcasts–most notably Writing Excuses. I know, I know; I’m ridiculously late to the party, but I’ve tried before. In order to listen and actually follow a podcast, I have to be doing something else at the same time, but it has to be something I can do on autopilot. My daughter fights sleep fiercely, but loves her stroller and will sleep in that. With winter incoming, we have the bonus of an open floor plan to walk around with her inside. (Narrow roads with no shoulder, sidewalks a laughable dream, and drivers that think ten miles over the speed limit too slow all mean we don’t walk much of anywhere. Related: I really miss sidewalks.) Problem solved! Plus it makes me less sedentary.

How’s your year going?


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