Mini Check-In on Writing


All around I’ve had a rather bizarre summer. Typically, summer is my most prolific writing time; with the longer days and slower pace I can usually cram in lots of writing, and reading for that matter. This summer has been anything but productive on either front. Between spending nearly none of my weekends at home through June to August to getting quite ill in August because southern Alberta was inundated with forest fire smoke that I am extremely sensitive to, I got absolutely nothing done. And I’m rather disappointed with myself.

This laid-back approach I seem do have adopted is not working because I am not holding myself accountable at all. Glaringly obvious is the fact that this is a poor time-management issue. During my last goal check-in I identified this exact issue and set small goals for myself so that I could start accomplishing things in small steps. I made it easier for myself by far, then promptly ignored myself.

I’m trying not to rag on myself too badly because I’ll admit to dealing with some severe stress this summer. I was barely getting my basic life stuff done some weeks. Now, though, I have some breathing space and I am better able to focus. I’m also much more comfortable in my new-ish routine. At this point I need to give my head a shake and set aside some serious writing time if I’m going to hit my January goal.

Lesson learned: The laid-back approach does not work for me. Whatsoever. I need to outline tasks ahead of time in order to prioritize them and have a decided-upon time set aside to tackle them. Doing this all ahead of time would be ideal but incorporating the planning portion into my set aside time will work just as well.

I have roughly a month until my next check-in. Let’s see how I do.


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