Goals Check In: 2018, Halfway


For a recap: you can find my original 2018 goals post here and my first quarter check-in here. So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way . . .

2018 is half done! Which is not quite as mind-boggling as the fact that my daughter is now nine months old. I do not understand how time works. On the other hand, the faster time flies, the faster we’ll be able to vote this administration out of the White House *fingers crossed*. The US is on the wrong side of history right now and dear lord, we need to fix our mess.


Since I completed my only solid travel goal last quarter, apparently I felt the need to up my game. I am going to ReaderCon again this year! After thinking it would be out of the question, things happened to sort of fall into place to make it a thing. And I’ll even be (teeny tiny) part of programming for the first time ever. But I can’t give any details yet!


Not only have I auditioned for not one but two shows, I was in one! Well, a staged reading, more accurately. But I had the chance to work with a new-to-me troupe, made some new theatre friends and new creative-world connections, and they seem to want me back.

I’m still reading plays (and have people sharing their plays with me, which is awesome and bizarre, because I’m just not used to that), but painfully slowly. And we have summer theatre watching in the cards – at least five that I know I’ll have the chance to check out!

As for my inner stage manager, she’s getting exasperated and maybe stepping on toes – not that anyone has told me yet – but getting things done. While bowing to the will of the tyrant director baby. She’s making some productive shape and sense of this summer, which is great because I no longer have the structure of the day job. That’s right . . .

I am unemployed!!!

For all the fear the lack of paycheck engenders, being able to focus entirely on my family and my creative life is amazing. Stressful in its own, different way, but amazing. I am deeply feeling the perfect storm of privileges that allow me to do this and I am grateful, while I am also deeply pissed that this is what our society requires when being our best selves means something other than the 9-5 and capitalism.

Social Media

I’m not doing so badly, but I want to do better. Currently, I hold steady at one or two posts a month on my personal blog. When a single post can easily take a week or two with the baby’s demands and my own processing power, maintaining this rate will be goal enough for me.

New Project/YouTube

More ideas and plans, but no actions. I need to break this goal up a bit to make it more approachable: learn the video editing software and make an effort to record myself as much as I can (whether I use or even keep the footage or not doesn’t matter so much as getting comfortable with talking to a camera). I want to launch the project this year, but with a couple month’s backlog so I can roll out a more or less consistent schedule.


The novel revision is DONE! I need to work on my query letter and synopsis, but I’m using a podcast story as an excuse not to tackle that right away. Ideally, by my next update, this damn thing will be out for submission and (temporarily) out of my hair.

In addition to the novel drama, I’m slowly chipping away at a play of my own, have short stories I want to revise, and am trying to figure out my next novel.


I’ve still got nothing.


This is a goal I only remember when I review for these check-in posts. I absolutely still want to do this, but as things currently stand, it won’t happen unless I’m updating my blog more on the side of once a week than once a month. So consider this goal officially retired until that point. I’ll bring it back next year, if I have to!

Creative Time

Sewing lessons have fizzled out again, but we’ll see how things go from here, now that I’m not working.

I never feel like I spend enough time being creative and producing creative work. The baby leaves me few spare moments and while I know I need to take time to sit and stare blankly and recover energy, I can’t stop the persistent, pain-in-the-ass voice that expects me to use each of those moments to create.

Since scheduling writing time only works as well as my Tiny Tyrant allows, I have no solid markers by which to measure this particular goal. But as long as I continue making progress at whatever rate I can, I say I’m meeting this one.


Another continual process. Now that I’m not working, I find it easier to take her pace into account and adjust more to compromise my plans and commitments with her exploration of the world.

So halfway through the year sees some goals retired, revamped, some even expanded. In some areas, I haven’t had movement, much less progress. But with six months ahead of me, I have hope of finding my equilibrium (such as it is) without the day job. We’ll see how the rest of the year turns out!

I’m getting things done. And wow, is this boat rocking.


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