Done: An Exercise in Letting Go


Done is such a weird feeling.

I finished typing The Damn Novel. Someone asked me about it, then suggested it might be Spirited Away in noir, or Neverwhere in Tokyo. I’m not convinced the comparisons are apt, but I love the idea of “Spirited Away meets Neverwhere.” (It’s more like Mercy Thompson meets¬†Spirited Away, and I still have my doubts on that comparison.)

Now, this novel is DONE. I didn’t have enough changes this draft to justify making another pass. Holding onto it now would be merely an exercise in procrastination.

But my brain has been niggling at me to go in and fix one teeny tiny thing. And I won’t because it’s not plot-relevant. Because I fix that one thing, and there will be something else after it.

As Elsa sings, “Let it go.”

…I just hit peak Mom, and we haven’t even introduced Disney yet.

Also? Pitch Madness, better known as #PitMad, is this week. June 7, 8 am – 8 pm EDT. This is the first PitMad I’ve had a story ready for. Which means time to work out a tweet-length pitch and get my query letter ready to go. And cross my fingers that I don’t have to churn out a synopsis.

Related: if you have favorite resources on crafting query letters and synopses, I’d hugely appreciate you sharing them in the comments!

But the novel is done! And it only took me two weeks to write this post (thank you, baby)!


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