2018: Second Goal Update


The first six months of the year are behind us after tomorrow—where does the time go? Seriously, does anyone know because I keep blinking and the month is done.

First things first, I absolutely have to revamp my goals. I should have known with my first update that I needed to make them more concrete, but I guess I haven’t had the time before now so I won’t beat myself up. At least I’ve learned that life is not going to stop throwing distractions into my path. I try to ignore this fact and make plans for perfect moments and they are never happening. Ever. I think in all my adult wisdom I can finally accept that, which means I need to make the most of the pockets of time I’m sporadically given.

Because I need to change my goals I decided to take a different approach with my update today and share my scribbles with you instead of going on at length—enjoy!

As soon as I’ve had a moment to sit down and think about my goals at length I will write a follow up post. In the meantime, how is everyone feeling about their creative lives?

PS: Happy Canada Day and long weekend to our Canadian readers!


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