Are You Also Ready for Some Lazy Summer Days?


I am officially in countdown mode when it comes to the course. Today makes it 11 days, one textbook chapter, a minimum of two discussion posts, and one massive final assignment until I’m free and get an actual day off again. Do I need one? More than I thought I would.

I know I’m likely repeating myself, but you people who can do school full-time around a full-time job…I am impressed with you. Or I think you’re a monster. Either way, I couldn’t do it. It doesn’t even come down to poor time-management skills, I simply don’t have the energy to be busy 24/7 for such a length of time. At least I’m done my certificate earlier than anticipated!

But I am ready for some lazy weekends. It hit 30 degrees one day this week in my neck of the woods—that makes it officially summer, right? I’m ready to hit the garden this year, go hiking, maybe splash around in the river a bit.

I love summer. I generally do my most prolific reading and writing during the summer months. I don’t know whether it’s the long, sun-filled days or the time spent hiding from the heat and direct sunlight, but June to September are typically my most creative in terms of volume. Last year was a wash due to courses and an increased social life. I have absolutely no idea what this summer holds but I won’t have courses—hopefully I’ll be applying everything I’ve learned somewhere, somehow and have spare time again.

I’ll be honest, though, this June may also be a wash because I really want a break from deadlines and piles of work. Still, my manuscript has been calling my name. I’ve been thinking about my story a lot the past couple months and I think it’s ready to come out of the proverbial drawer. I’m both excited and nervous about that. I’m excited because it’s been a long time since I’ve felt the itch to work on one of my fiction pieces; I’m nervous because I know how much work my manuscript needs. It’s work I want to do, but it will be a lot of work.

Regardless, I’m playing it by ear at this point because I have no idea what my summer holds in any respect. I’ll set deadlines at some point in the next few months, right now I want to relax and fit in some quality time with my cats and people.

What about you? When are you at your most creative during the year?


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