Goals Check In: 2018, The First


At the start of this year, I didn’t really have a rational, realistic idea of what goals I may or may not expect to accomplish. Because, well, baby.

Who, by the way, will be six months old tomorrow. Huh.

And she’s just started this kick of not sleeping without physical contact. Preferably with me. So, while she’s just protesting and not in full-fledged meltdown (oh, that’s coming soon, believe me), here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve so far accomplished.

2018 Goals, First Quarter Progress

  • Travel: we made it to southern Maine! Way earlier than I expected it to happen. Baby and I followed my husband down for the State high school one act drama competition. While we couldn’t watch the shows (I refuse to bring a baby that may decide to scream or otherwise distract to a competition), we could meet up with a variety of wonderful people. And practice baby travel? Necessary.
  • Theatre: I’ve been reading plays! And I made it to an audition. With baby. So not paying theatre. That’s not likely to happen this year, now that I’ve got a better handle on what’s realistic at this stage.
  • Social media: still struggling with regular posting on all platforms, and the baby still dominates, well, everything.
  • New project/Youtube: has gone nowhere yet. No filming, no editing of what I filmed last year. That will come. Hopefully I’ll have something started, preferably done, by my next update.
  • Writing: considering I started the novel revision in something like the second week of January and have less than 30 manuscript pages left to go, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. I’ve slowed down in the last month because I started writing a play. And now I suspect I may need to start a third project so I can rough draft a thing in a notebook to optimize my “available” time (when I can’t focus enough to revise and can’t access the computer for the script).
  • Submitting: nope. I got nothing. I didn’t get the scholarship that would have let me take the workshop I mentioned at the start of the year.
  • Sharing: I’m reaching out more with my thanks or appreciation or just plain love, and it gives me joy to see how much joy it gives them. But I’ve been less good with linking and sharing that love far and wide.
  • Creative time: creative hours are hard to do with an infant, so I mostly just make a point to be creative on as near daily basis as possible. Sewing lessons are happening, but slowly, and not at all the last month or so, thanks to schedules picking up and few available days for heading over to my grandmother’s.
  • Baby: learning to slow down is a work in progress, and I love it. I’m getting better at baby timing, though I still fail spectacularly. Regularly.

So plenty of room for improvement, but I’m on the right track! So much done that I might even consider adding a goal or two at the next check in. Or not, as life with baby is a never ending, ever changing balancing trick.


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    1. I honestly didn’t think I’d have much to check off! It came as a huge surprise (granted, a lot of these thing are continuous, ongoing goals, so they’re not really checked off). This baby lets me get an unbelievable amount of work done, though it all still tends to feel like kicking my heels and going nowhere until I come back here to take stock.

    2. And dear lord I have no idea how HALF A FREAKING YEAR has passed already. My next check in? Will be just after I’ve truly, finally left the day job to focus on family and busting ass on creative things. Here’s hoping I can eke out enough of a supplemental income to stave off a return to the day job necessity!

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