2018: First Goal Update


I have to admit the past three months have been a write-off goal-wise. That’s not at all how I wanted to start this post when I shared my goals in January, but it is what it is.

“Write-off” is perhaps a bit harsh, but I have not accomplished much that my goals focused on in any category. Prioritizing sleep, paying off my loan, and maintaining a somewhat varied reading list have been well-handled at the very least. Still, I haven’t accomplished absolutely nothing over the past three months.

As I shared last week, I went on the trip of a lifetime in March! It was a dream trip, one I honestly wasn’t sure would ever come to fruition. It was long and memorable and I’m still processing the entire experience. I thought for sure the length and activity would ensure my travel bug would be squashed for some time but it’s done the opposite—I’m ready for my next adventure!

That said, as much as I loved my trip, the lead up was highly distracting and stressful. It was the longest trip I’ve ever gone on and it was with a new travel buddy, two aspects that had me biting my nails. To top it off, my last course didn’t wrap up until well into my vacation so I had to balance that as well. I’m absolutely using Europe as a big excuse as to why I didn’t make a lot of headway with my goals, as bad as that is. I’m blaming my course too; there was a ton of content and I had minimal time to work on it. At least I did well on both fronts!

As far as distractions go, since I’m on that topic, a few things blew up last month—figuratively, of course—and while it was an unpleasant experience it truly made me step back and evaluate not only myself but my priorities. My general attitude had been awful for quite some time and unfortunately those closest to me had been bearing the brunt. Lo and behold, they grew sick of it. My reality check was highly necessary and I’m happy to say my attitude has improved exponentially. My positivity is no longer all talk, I’m taking it to heart.

I was hoping to revamp my goals this time around since they’re rather vague but they have to stay as is right now since I’ve been lackadaisical. I have to balance better moving forward because the final course for my certificate started this week, hence the distractions have not been eliminated. At least in 8 weeks I will finally be free to throw myself wholly at writing and prioritize the goal list and all that.

In any case, these are the goals I am legitimately focused on these next three months:

How has everyone else’s creative endeavors fared so far this year? Melissa is on a roll—I’m super impressed with what she’s accomplished so far! I need to take a page from her book.


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  1. I don’t know about you, but I never figure in the pure distraction that comes with big undertakings. The fact of the thing just takes up so much brain space at all times.

    Loved seeing your photos of the trip! My wanderlust has been kicking my ass for the last year or so, so the vicarious experience was amazing! Thank you for that. <3

    Vague things can be hard to quantify. They don’t always give you any great markers to use for measuring accomplishment. So be kind to yourself! The year is early yet and you’re making progress on your goals, at whatever speed they come.

    1. That is the best way to conceptualize big undertakings! They take up so much space in my head that I don’t know up from down sometimes.
      Thanks! I had a blast taking pictures, and I already want to go back!
      I am definitely taking the kindness comment to heart, I can and will be more kind to myself. I’m only human. Thanks for reinforcing that <3.

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