Writing Spaces, Updated Edition


We’ve made some noise on this blog on the importance of writing spaces. Mine have morphed over time as I let the clutter take over and swallow up any useful, productive space. I set up the newest iteration of my writing corner an age ago – pre-baby, in fact – but I never shared it here. Perhaps because my actual time in it has been minimal, especially since the baby.

But now Baby is becoming more and more capable of keeping herself entertained. Everything fascinates her. Everything. She’s just not much of a fan of letting me out of her sight.

My writing space: to the left a railing overlooking our kitchen area, beside it a table with an old iMac, two bookshelves against the wall under the slope of the roof, and an old lift-top school desk currently occupied with the novel manuscript.

Do you remember my original writing spaces post? My space now is about three times the size, though you can still see where the original writing nook used to be in the desk by the railing. Just look for the color change in the carpet. We finally finished our upstairs last year and the entire thing is a gloriously creative space. (Except for the landing behind me where I took this photo from, which for now just holds random baby things and will eventually be her own creative space.)

I have a bookshelf of writing-specific reference books, another bookshelf for notebooks, the computer as a media station, and the ancient lift-top school desk finally moved out of my grandmother’s basement to be my writing desk.

This is the most space I have ever been able to dedicate to creative things. (Partly because I’ve never found the idea of an “office” appealing, which has a lot to do with my adamant refusal to call writing “work.” Not because it wasn’t work, but because I equated work with drudgery, and even the hardest slog of writing has never felt like drudgery. But that could be a whole other post.) This is also the longest a space has ever remained free of the entropy of my mess. Though in all fairness, that could be on account of having barely used the space yet.

I have some pretty killer disorganizational skills.

I love seeing writers’ writing spaces, so it seemed past time to share mine. The walls still need art and the whole thing needs that patina of character that simply comes with use, but I’d delayed long enough.

And now the baby has decided this post is long enough! If you have a writing space, I’d love to hear about it; and if you don’t, I’d like to hear about your fantasy writing space.


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