Priorities: I Have Them


I’ve grown better at setting my priorities and following through. Even if I do end up flaking. A lot.

Family, of course, tops the list (and let me just say I had no way to truly comprehend the effects this child would have on my time, energy, and focus). Writing (for myself/story) and self-care like sleep and food inhabit the next tier down with revolving importance. The day job worms itself in next and blog posts, by necessity, come after.

So if you’ve wondered about the change in posting schedule? That would be why.

But! I’m nearing the end of the novel revision! Only 30 more pages, in fact.

I just want to take a moment to point out that my last revision of this novel took over a year? That was a rough, rough year for many reasons, lack of writing one of the chief offenders. So I’m just going to bask in knowing that I can revise a novel in three months while working part time and mom-ing full time. (Necessary disclaimer: this is my final draft before sending it out in the world so the things needing to be changed have been minimal.)

And that super secret project I wrote about? Turns out I still managed to jinx it. I wanted to write a play to a specific place, but the space I hoped for couldn’t do it due to other considerations.

On the bright side, this actually worked to kick me into gear on a play I’ve wanted to write for a couple years now. And I’m actually happy with how it’s going. (Thank you, Scrivener templates that mean I can just write and not think about formatting.)

What are you working on these days?


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