Happy New Year! Hello, 2018 Goals


It is no big secret that I very much want to change how I outline, track, and determine how I’ve accomplished my annual goals. I spent much of December whining about all of that, so I’ll skip it here. Or do my best to not mention it (again).

I’m a bit tired of my traditional list approach when it comes to my goals. And while I feel rather stagnant without quantitative goals, they’re making me feel caged in lately. I need targets to get things done, to be accountable, but I also need some wiggle room.

I was inspired by Melissa’s breakdown of her goals, each has its own category and a goal within that category. While I don’t think I can break my own goals down to her level of detail since that is something I am trying to step away from this year, I did take her approach to heart.

I went simple, qualitative, and vague this year. I say vague because specific targets have not been drawn up. This tactic has me a bit nervous but I’m hoping to let my goals change organically in the next three months. I may re-evaluate my goals, re-specify them, or scrap my approach entirely. We will see.

In any case, here are my goals for 2018, separated into four categories, each with its own key word to help me focus:




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