Goals, 2018 Edition: Rock This Boat


Happy New Year! That time when we reflect on the past year and make all sorts of resolutions. Throughout the year, we often end up dropping those goals at the wayside. I love setting and tracking goals here on Anxiety with the other Inkettes because it helps keep me focused and accountable.

2016 was a rough year for me, with deaths and stress and frustrations. By the time these trends began to change, it was too little too late to really salvage the year. Here’s my recap post, where I made a conscious choice to focus as much as possible on the positives.)So my 2017 theme was Better. I just needed 2017 to be better than 2016.

And it was. (Minus the White House shit show.)

2017 started off creative and stayed that way (despite not reaching a few of my productivity goals) including the most fundamental way possible: creating a life. And oh, what an amazing life it is.

For Christmas, my husband gave me a planner. The kind designed for those of us who keep looking at bullet journaling as something we would like to try but feel overwhelmed just considering it. The daily pages have a space to write an affirmation. I’ve taken to writing, “Get it done. Rock this boat.”

Where did it come from? I have no idea. It popped into my head and stuck. This is my mantra for 2018. To finish things. To challenge my comfort zone – shake things up and see what falls out.

Which leads me to . . .

My goals for 2018

  • Travel: do what I can. There area few cons I actively, desperately want to get to (Reader Con, When Words Collide, Sirens), but it’s too early to know whether or not finances allow it and how hard it will be on the little one. My only solid goal is for an overnight trip at some point with the little one to southern Maine.
  • Theatre: I want to audition for a paying gig. I want to attend classes and workshops and do shows to become a better actor. But the ability to do so depends on the baby. But I’ll at least reach out for more details about working with that theatre and auditioning. Read more plays. Find strategies for releasing my inner stage manager my daily life, because that woman gets shit done.
  • Social media: keep it up. Post at least once a month on my personal blog, be more on top of my posts here, occasionally take photos not of my daughter for Instagram.
  • New project: Youtube. Since it’s been more difficult than I anticipated getting writing workshops started up in person, I’m turning to Youtube. A filmed video won’t be the same as a workshop, but I have things to say and this is one way to get them out. (Also, I have long wanted to film story shorts, so this might help ease that into being, too.)
  • Writing: revise the novel one last time before sending it out into the world. Finish the short story I started in November.  Revise and polish the various short stories languishing in my computer files. Start a new novel. Maybe start a play.
  • Submitting (yes, this gets it’s own separate category this year): still keeping the bar low at two submissions, but it must not be that low when last year ended with none. But I also want to find or create a support system. This might include getting a subscription to Duotrope, which database I sometimes used way back when it was free, or making a cheerleading Facebook group. I’m in the process of applying for a scholarship that would allow me take a six month workshop/mentorship program aimed at the submission process.
  • Sharing: once a month, share the work of creators I love, whether through my blog or just linking on social media. Practice gratitude; I don’t say “thank you” enough for all the most important things. Actually reach out to people when I’m thinking of them and let them know.
  • Creative time: sustain creative hours throughout the year. (This fizzled in 2017 because I started to consistently fall asleep with pregnancy exhaustion.) Restart and continue those sewing lessons with my grandmother, since working part time makes it so much more feasible to set aside a day out of my week for it.
  • Baby: slow down, even if that means speeding up. I hate how I always feel like I’m rushing place to place. Whenever we leave the house, I tell her we’re going on an adventure, but I don’t yet know how to leave time for the journey and exploration. Take her to fairs and parades. Explore Acadia National Park (I got us a season pass for the first time ever for Christmas). Make crafty Christmas presents with her.

The hardest part of everything will be figuring out how to do it all with the little one. But she’s amazing so I’m sure we’ll figure it out.


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