Shaking Off 2017: Looking Forward and Tackling the Big Things


Today’s post will be short and sweet, and likely repetitive, since I’ve done all the year-end update posts possible and we’re not yet past January 1st—not that my goals are ready to go anyway. I still need to take a day to sit down and lay out my goals, to figure out how I want to organize them. I’ve been thinking about it, but I haven’t actually set my vision to paper.

What I have gotten stuck on today is thinking about my trending issues in 2017, namely, a lack of focus, an unparalleled ability to waste time, and a lack of motivation. While all three of these issues are interrelated, they are also easily managed; I simply haven’t spurred myself to manage them. Rather, I’ve been wallowing and using them as excuses to not get things done.

My main issue is time management, something that should be easily rectified. Honestly, I am the queen of time wasting. I know better than anyone that I have a limited amount of time on my hands to devote to my creative pursuits. And yes, I do put too much pressure on myself to devote all of my free time to my creative pursuits—I am famous for giving myself zero downtime. All around though, I know I can manage better.

The past few months has seen me devote a lot of time to self-improvement. I’m trying to learn better coping strategies when it comes to tackling the big things in my life. Self-improvement is its own reward but I would also like to grow beyond being a better functioning person. I would also like to be a productive person again. Maybe I needed the break, who knows. Either way, moving forward I need to prioritize. I’m going to do this by asking myself three questions when it comes to time consuming tasks: What do I want to bring to my endeavors? What do I want out of them? What purpose do they serve my long run game?

On my quest for time management tips I came across a phrase that truly spoke to me: There’s always time, the key is to prioritize.


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