6 Month Writing Plan Final Update


It’s that time of year—that being final update time. Today’s update is all about my 6 Month Writing Plan, which I introduced in February, updated in July, and decided to scrap completely at the beginning of this month.

Reading my initial post, even my update post, was somewhat bittersweet given the amount of excitement I had over my tracker. But that’s nothing new, I’m always excited about my latest productivity plans. This time though, I think if I had stayed on top of the actual tracking and looking into story markets, the entire plan really would have worked for me.

This year was simply not the year for it. I had far too much going on in so many aspects of my life. The 6 Month Writing Plan wasn’t a bad idea, and all of my positive points are still valid from my first post—like having an unignorable reminder on my wall and physically seeing the time go by—but I drowned in the cons outlined in my last two posts (the constant backtracking that turned into wasted creative time).

I will say I did much better maintaining my writing target goal during my second six months because I was so mad at myself for missing 4 weeks during the first half of the year. However, I started feeling some resentment towards my tracker in the past couple of months. Getting useless words down because I say I have to is not something I’m going to be carrying forward in the New Year.

I think my theme for next year might have to be to simplify. Not a lot about my life is going to change from how it currently sits in 2018, so I need a plan for how to maximize the time I’ve got.


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