2017 Goals: Final Check


This year has challenged me in many, many ways, and I’ve come out better for it. I didn’t make all the goals I set, but this has been a year of kicking ass. (In case you want a reminder, here are the goals I set at the start of the year.)


I started the year with two rejections and finished it with no submissions. I finished the novel draft, but lost track of my tallies for non-writing days. (Though I feel like my writing habit returned to a level I’m happy with again.) My more recent goal of giving the novel another pass by the end of the year? Yeah, that went nowhere. Though I finally have my hands on a book I’ve needed to read for research purposes for year, plus I got feedback on it and have an idea of what I want to accomplish with the next round.

I set NaNo goals. I didn’t make the numbers, but it made my point: to get my writing groove back! With an infant, the writing life is a very different beast.

Back at work, my December writing goals have turned out overly optimistic. As the baby is more and more independent of me, they will become realistic again. In the meantime, I’m still making progress!


Let this go down in history as the first year I was paid to act! Too token to claim on taxes, but I revel in simply the concept of it. And three auditions in a week and a half is a record for me, let alone at four months pregnant.

It will take me longer to figure out the theatre balance with an infant than writing balance, but on New Year’s Eve, I’m taking part in a reading of some Fractured Fairytales. We’ll see how bad of an idea this turns out to be…


I made it to Northampton, MA for my ten year college reunion, and later to Quincy, MA for Reader Con. So Success!

Social Media.

I think I got this one. Instagram is great, and even my personal blog is not languishing. Go me!

I wanted to make this post less of a recap, more of an analysis (celebration) of how far I’ve come this year – holy crap, I have a baby! – but it’s Christmas. Well, the last few minutes of Christmas. So you can look forward to that post later, but for now, I’m going to sleep.

How was your holiday, if you celebrate it? And if not, how was your day?


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