Ink Links Roundup – Wattpad, Writing as Resistance


Publishing Perspectives writes up a great overview of Wattpad platform here. If you’ve been thinking about diving in (like Kate has pondered), check it out.

A gorgeous piece of writing by Dimas Ilaw called The Shape of the Darkness As It Overtakes Us posted on Uncanny Magazine.

No: this isn’t a story about escape. Because we need writers now; we need you now, here, with us. The man who would be dictator is telling a story. It is one where, as though the Philippines were a body afflicted with gangrene, he would cut off the infected limb to save the rest of us—the pure and good and clean—for progress. It is a compelling story. It would be the only story, through the sheer force of its telling, if not for those who tell other stories, who speak and write and create to cry out: this is murder.

We need writers because we need someone to articulate everything that arises within us in response to the brutality of our lives. Because, after this nameless cry has found a semblance of words to frame it—at least enough to be sentence-skeletons, enfleshed enough to hold together as a mass of muscle and skin and anger—then we can grasp it. Then we can act.

In my notebook, written in capital letters three inches high, the words: STORIES ARE HOW WE SURVIVE. Before it, in smaller writing: in times that seek to destroy us.


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