Compound Work

All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens throughout the Ages

I’ve been back at work a week now and I’m starting to find a groove for my compound working.

Get to day job. Work 4.5 hours.

Lunch at day job? Work 1 hour on side job.

Back to day job work. Work another 2.5 hours.

Go home, spend time with family, get dinner.

Evening, spend approximately 2 more hours on side job.

Shower and go to bed.

That has been my hectic schedule for the last week. Being on parental leave was not all I had hoped. I had hoped for a lot of time to work on writing and reading and other creative projects. Instead, my time filled up with a lot of chores, deeds, and tasks. With working two jobs now, I had to get in a few friend visits before I got back to work and had little time left to socialize.

In the meantime, there are lofty plans in place to read in my stolen hours of time, cultivate ideas, and be ready for the new year.

So in the next few months, most of my updates will relate to my reading progress and my experiences at Sirens.

First Winter Reading Update

I have started into two books.

One is Tortall: a Spy’s Guide by Tamora Pierce. It’s a scattered read that looks more like a bindup of letters so far but I am enjoying piecing together stories of my childhood favourites.

The second is an advance reading copy of All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens throughout the Ages, Edited by Saundra Mitchell. The very first author in the anthology is an upcoming Sirens Guest of Honour and it was a lovely tale. I’m hoping the rest let me relax into reworked fairy tales in a queer space.


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