Back to Work


Today marks the end of my sabbatical and I’m back to work. Also known as parental leave.

I am coming back to over 1000 emails (and it’s still updating), multiple job changes in my store, and a lot of books that need to be restocked.

While I didn’t get much done on my parental leave (or at least I feel like I didn’t get much done on my parental leave), I am pleased with how my brain is. When I left work, I was still scattered, catching up from round-the-clock keep-baby-alive vigilance. I hadn’t found my writing groove again or even my story state of mind.

On Sunday, I returned from Sirens full of inspiration, if extremely tired. I am feeling more centered. I have more direction in my life than I have had in a while. Coming back to work is challenging. I have to dedicate 35 hours of my week to a bookstore, instead of my family, my stories, and my home.

So a short post today. Hopefully I’ll have more balance going forward, but I think getting crunched by work will take a lot of my time.


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