Last Month of My Writing Sabbatical


I’m coming into the last month of my writing sabbatical. As a recap, I have been on parental leave since August and, since Ryan is already enrolled in daycare, I have been trying to use this time as a writing sabbatical.

September Productivity

I will admit, September wasn’t as productive as I would have liked it to be. While August was the time I used to catch up on my life in general, September as been a time for me to rest mentally.

I have been working on centering myself and my intentions for after my writing sabbatical. I’ve been cleaning up my digital footprint, attempting to tidy up my websites and social media accounts. I have been upping my daily step counts to try and reach a semblance of healthiness. I have also been curling up with a book or two, retreating from pressures, and just letting myself enjoy the written word again.

October Goals

October is looking like a bit of a jumble already. I am trying to resist the urge to cram in visits with everyone I know since going back to work means I won’t have much free time anymore.

I am doing my best to finish a novel/novella in this time. I am at the point where I am repeatedly encouraging myself to just keep going. Every time I even think about writing, I have this mental image of a flashing marquee over my desk that reads “YOU CAN LAYER IN MORE WITH EDITS! EDITS ARE YOUR FRIEND!”

I’ve been lamenting that my story feels like talking heads, frustrating thoughts, and told actions.


November and beyond…

November through January is looking like a very tough slog. I will be working a lot to recover from taking leave (I did work mostly ahead, for which I am grateful. And the fact that I have a lot of assistants? GOLD) and working some side jobs to boost finances. Having a kid isn’t cheap. Finding this out the hands-on way.

It’s kind of like having storm clouds on the horizon. But, like I did before the first snowfall of the season, I went out to the park with my baby and just enjoyed the falling leaves and brisk temperatures. I just need to bundle up and get out there, writing.


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