Deep in the Sirens Nest

Sirens 2017

I am writing this post from Avon, Colorado at the Sirens Studio component of Sirens.

And I’m feeling at peace. I mean, minus the slight headache from altitude sickness (definitely not as bad as other people are experiencing coming from sea level) and the overly long travel day on Monday (2:50am to 10:45pm).

I can have wonderful conversations with those around me, really push myself with the programming topics, and steal some time to write.

I’ve worked on my vision for the future, my goals for next year, validated my anime consumption (it’s a form of narrative consumption like reading, which refills the creative well!).

Old friends and I talk as though we haven’t spent a year apart, and there are so many new faces here (so so so thrilled!) that I can’t wait to meet even more people.

So this is a short post this week. Next week, I hope to start a series of posts inspired by Sirens programming, presenting, conversations, and other experiences. Until then, I’m going to find a hot tub.


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