Time Waster


My name is Elisa and I am a chronic time waster. How about that for a day’s confession?

My best methods include TV, though is it a waste if I take joy from it?; social media, when it isn’t writer-related; and click-bait “articles”, I have a serious addiction to click-bait that may require an intervention. I never intend to spend so long doing any of these activities, but more than once I’ve looked at the clock to see many, many more minutes than I realized have gone by.

No matter what I find myself doing, I know I should be doing something else, something important, whether it’s writing, reading, course-work, writing, or spending time with my pets.

I really wish I knew why I am the way I am. I think about all the time I spend on these irrelevant things and then I feel guilty about all that I could have accomplished. Feeling guilty doesn’t help me kick the bad habits either, I simply turn back to them for the mindlessness and escape I was seeking in the first place.

Hmm, that might be a telling sentence right there.

Aside from these specific means of wasting time, my schedule is its own major issue. My natural sleep rhythm (my circadian rhythm) involves late nights and late mornings, which are just not working anymore. The day job requires that I get up early during part of the work week, which completely throws my body out of whack. Then I spend too much time trying to recover. Long story short, it would be a lot better, health- and productivity-wise, to adapt to the earlier routine than to continue with what I’m doing.

Perhaps admitting this to an audience will help me work on my bad habits. It’s very hard to change an entrenched routine, but I’m ready to do it. I’m tired of losing so much time.

Do you have any bad habits you wish to rid yourself of? Do you have any tips on how to quit?


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