Thoughts on Minimizing


Last week I did my third goal check in before the end of the year. I enjoyed writing it; I ended up about where I thought I would and I was satisfied with my progress, all things considered. This week, as I struggled for a blog topic (my week has been so busy I am about ready to fall over), I glanced at it in the hopes I would be inspired.

Isn’t it funny how formatting can affect your brain’s perception of your own writing? In my post’s published state up on the site, it struck me how long my list is.

I have a lot of goals written down. Too many, almost. I put a lot of personal, non-creative goals on the list at the beginning of the year to flesh it out. I felt like a slacker having only a few items when I felt I needed to truly work on myself on a personal level. Plus, telling others always helps with accountability.

However, I’m realizing that trying to split my attention in so many different directions is not really helping my cause in terms of focus. Now, at the end of September when I am feeling so stretched thin, I’m cluing in that less is more.

It’s no wonder that I haven’t tackled any big items–I have too many little items!

Obviously it is far too late in the year to revamp my goals list. Yet this is excellent food for thought come January. Minimizing my list from the get-go doesn’t mean I can’t add things on later as I cross others off. Minimizing simply means I’m going to give myself the chance to focus and accomplish.

Why do obvious things take me so long to figure out? My word for the year is balance. Slowly, oh so slowly, I am figuring it out. I think.


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