Third 2017 Goal Check-in – Where is the year going?!

Kate Larking's focus word of the year is Create.

It’s goal-time! I remember feeling really beat up during my last goal check in. I was exhausted; adjusting to being a parent, working ahead in my job to cover my absence, doing all the events for Crash and Burn.

July, I worked. August, it was family vacation time (read, not a vacation at all. 3 kids in a house that was regularly over 30 degrees Celcius?). September…I worked on finding my groove.

2017 Goals

Kate Larking's focus word of the year is Create.


Crash and Burn

Goal for 2017: Write at least 6 chapters of Crash and Burn.

How’s it going? Still at 2 chapters done. We slowed down our production schedule so we are now doing a page every two weeks to make the comic something more manageable to produce and keep up with.

Short story for Sirens

Goal for 2017: Participate in the anthology with a story. Submission window is February 1-April 30, 2017.

How’s it going? Story is locked in! I still like the tale, too. The book should be coming out in the next few weeks. I ended up doing the ebook formatting (Picture me screaming in pain for a few days after about my tired tired eyeballs). It is a larger anthology than the last one.

Personal Writing

Goal for 2017:

  • Develop a consistent writing schedule. It doesn’t have to be every day, but I do need something more than, “My deadline is in two days. Better get those words out now.”
  • Plot, write, and edit the first instalment of my spacepunk story and plot the next two.
  • Draft and write a version of my cyberpunk story I might potentially shop to agents/publishers.
  • Draft and write some of my original story idea rework that hasn’t left me alone lately.

How’s it going? *Laughing at herself* I am only now getting back into the groove of creating. I hadn’t realized how displaced my perspective was on creative work versus the work I have been doing. It has taken many days to reconcile my sense of self and imagination with the stories I want to tell.

The current schedule is drop Ryan off at daycare, do chores around the house, and then write with my remaining time before going to pick Ryan up. Some days, it’s one hour. Sometimes, it’s three hours. It’s been a slog to get comfortable with myself creating again.

I started an incentive with friends called Novel in 90. We have a Facebook group and we were working toward writing a book in August-October. But now we have officially extended our writing time to December. I think I will be able to get the space punk story done. And I still have hopes for more.


Goal for 2017:

  • Get that redesign done!
  • Continue my New Mom Writer series here at Anxiety Ink.
  • Start out my Confessions of a Book Buyer series at

How’s it going? Still still behind. I’m actually questioning whether I want to continue personal blogging. I changed the site format to something more static.

I suppose I haven’t written a New Mom Writer post here in a while. It’s not like I run out of things to say on that front. #constantoverload


Goal for 2017:

  • Read 5 cyberpunk/RPGLit/VR/space adventure books
  • Read book on comic writing (I own it and have been looking at it…)
  • Read text on interactive storytelling creation (a joint project in the future with Crash and Burn artist Finn Lucullan is in the cards)
  • Stretch goal: complete the Sirens 2017 reading challenge.

How’s it going? Been reading! Mostly nonfiction and graphic novels though. But it’s nice to get reconnected with books and paper and reading for enjoyment. Although I’m wracked with guilt when I read because I think of it as time I should be writing.


Goal for 2017:

  • Attend 2 conferences this year
  • Sell at 4 markets/expos/festivals
  • Make time for writing sessions

How’s it going? Two markets done by me, two markets done by Finn. WWC is done and Sirens is still to come. Been making time for writing sessions.

How’s it going for you?


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