More Workshop Hijinks!


I’ve spent a chunk of this summer wanted to make at least one writing workshop happen. I may get the chance, after all . . .

My theatre troupe’s annual 24-hour play festival is coming up fast. Unlike the past few years, I can’t participate in any of the usual contexts, though I joined the organizing committee again.

The festival goes like this: 6:00 pm Friday everyone gathers and we draw names out of a hat to establish groups. This usually takes about an hour. The groups split off and play improv games for the next hour. Then in the final hour, workshops for writers and directors take place.

The man who usually runs the writers workshop had another obligation he couldn’t get out of, so, ah, guess who’s taking over?

Yeah. I am.

Let’s not rehash my playwriting experience now, but I survived a playwriting workshop with high schoolers. So I feel fairly confident that I won’t make a complete mess of things.

Some of those who end up in the workshop may never have written anything like this before. Some others may have done this song and dance before. The point is: people participate in the festival to have fun. The writers who play to the strengths of their actors in terms of the characters or situations portrayed will find that the group as a whole has so much more fun.

The hardest part might be that coming to grips with the fact that it won’t be good. After all, the scripts are all glorified first drafts.

Wish me luck!


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