Goals Check-In, The Third


My two months of breakneck scheduling are finally coming to an end. August and September have not felt like great months for reaching any goals, but we’ll see what (if anything) I can check off.


Story submissions? Not a thing so far this year, though I have made a list of anthologies and contests and submission periods. Editing of the novel stalled out between my customary read-through and beginning the actual revision. Remember how I wanted this revised before the little one arrives? I’ve finally reached a point of acceptance that it just won’t happen.

Seriously, all my energy has just gone towards survival. Surviving work and keeping myself (and baby) as healthy as possible. I’ve done a fairly kickass job, all things considered, but it hasn’t left room for much of anything else.

This has meant that my personal blog still languishes. I last updated it in . . . July? August? I have so many posts to type up and add! But I have this slight problem where I keep falling asleep.

On the bright side, I woke up at 5 am Sunday morning with a flash of vignette or character study in my head. Which I then hauled my ass out of bed to write down.

That’s the first fiction I’ve written in far too long. The first piece I’ve ever rolled out of bed at ridiculous-o-clock to record. Maybe the first sign of the cracks in the dam of writer’s block.

No revised or updated goals here. At least for now. I will do what I can do as I can do it, but my life is about to change in huge, drastic ways, and I’m trying to avoid adding any more pressure than I’ll already feel. Still aiming for two or three submissions for the year, though I currently have none . . .

Social Media

My online activity has decreased significantly since my boss announced her exit and I’ve scrambled to do her jobs (three positions’ worth), my jobs (at least two positions’ worth), and train our newest hire who hadn’t been with us a full week when this shit-show let loose.

I expect my social media presence will remain quiet throughout the rest of the year, and I feel surprisingly fine with that. My only goal at this point is to keep using it and not disappear entirely.

And not let my accounts fill with baby photos. This kid should have some level of privacy.


I made it to ReaderCon! And it was excellent, if too short. Beyond that, people who want to see me have had to come visit. This has made for some excellent friend-time, with bonus points for writer-friends!

My goal for the rest of the year is to not travel. Particularly for the holidays.


Since my last goals check-in, I performed in a show (a less-than-satisfying script but wonderfully talented actors). I also ended up operating sound from backstage, thanks to technology and my husband’s amazing problem-solving skills. Seriously, dress rehearsal is not a good time to discover that a show does not have a sound operator.

I also ran a playwriting workshop! So I did run a workshop this summer, after all. It was for the playwrights in our 24-Hour Play Festival and people seemed to find it helpful. At least, they all went home and had their plays written by 7 am.

One goal, which may not occur until early next year, is to audition for another professional/paying theatre company. I think they audition in December or January and perform throughout the summer.

Another new goal sort of falls at the meeting point of writing, social media, and theatre: I want to start a YouTube channel. This came about when my original summer writing workshop plans failed.

I’ve filmed one episode (in great need of editing) and have two more written, plus plans and schemes for many, many more. Some videos will be workshop-style with exercises and prompts, some will be conversations with other writers, and some will be stories.

Anticipate much bumbling about and a significant learning curve (I haven’t edited video since high school), but it will be tons of fun!


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