We Made It to Our Fourth Anniversary!


I’m a little early, but our anniversary is only days away and I really wanted to get this post up before the 6th. We’ve been doing this blog for four years now—I almost cannot believe it’s been that long. What started out as a fantastical, seemingly random idea in 2013 has morphed into a creation I (and hopefully Kate and Melissa) am so proud to be a part of!

This year was probably one of our hardest. Each of us faced major life hurdles and new challenges. In the grand scheme of things, I had it the easiest since I have neither cared for nor grown a new human. That said, my year has had a lot of downs—you’ve witnessed my whining firsthand. I think each of us hit a point in the past 12 months where we asked ourselves some tough questions: Why do we continue to do this? Is it worth it? Should the time we invest here be spent somewhere else?

Obviously, since we are still around, we very much believe writing for Anxiety Ink is worth it.

I am not the ultra-organized creature I once was when it came to the blog. I have turned into a person who gets her posts up at the last minute. However, I’ve never missed a deadline. That’s a small victory.

There are weeks where I stare blankly at the screen and wonder just what the heck I’m going to talk about. I hope my content is still worth reading and I’m not just repeating myself

I have had very few successes to share in recent years because I’ve let myself become unbalanced. While that has got me down and affected my creativity, seeing my fellow writers suffering with similar issues helps. Not in a schadenfreude-esque way, but one in which I know I am not the only one struggling with this writing thing.

For me, 2017 is all about shaking things up in my life. I’m wondering if I’ve left Anxiety Ink off the radar in terms of that. I have no idea what to tell you to expect, but know that I am committed. I am busy as all get-out. I am not getting enough sleep. I am all over the place mentally. But I am always here on Friday mornings—and I will continue to be.

Once again, I’ll close my happy anniversary post with a big THANK YOU. Knowing there are people reading my words is sometimes the only reason I am able to produce anything each week. I am so grateful. And I love when people comment to help me out or tell me that I’ve helped them. Writing, like so many things in our world, doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


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