Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Monster Head


The procrastination monster has returned! Time to cower in my blanket fort and listen to the whoosh of missed deadlines.

How have I procrastinated? Let me count the ways:

1. Baby Stuff

Two months out from our baby-day estimate, I have barely looked at baby things. I finally started a registry! But I have nothing on it. Literally, nothing.

I know most of the baby paraphernalia isn’t necessary or don’t really offer the help they claim. Theoretically, I know it’s ok that we haven’t picked out a crib yet – we’ll have her in the bassinet for the beginning, anyway, and that we have. But I’m afraid I’ll miss something key for her growth and development. And really, I just want to try to prepare enough to make it through the first month or two without too many panicked, emergency runs to Wal-Mart (aka: Hell).

Then there’s this whole baby shower deal . . .

2. Theatre Stuff

I’m on the organizing committee again for our 24-hour play festival, even though I can’t participate as either a writer or an actor this year. And I have done nothing to justify my presence on the committee.

Also, I had a read-through for a new show last week. Because I am that bizarre person who at some point thought third trimester would be a great time to start more theatre. At least my role is small? And we have less than a month until opening?

Things I meant to do to prepare for the read-through: work on a German accent and study lines. Neither of which happened.

3. House Stuff

Our house needs all sorts of painting in rooms and hallways. The baby’s room is the highest priority, but that was dependent on other people doing other things on other schedules. Once again, I bought no paint, cleared no rooms, and made no arrangements to do the other rooms. Now I don’t have a free weekend day until October. But we’re carving out some time this coming Saturday to do the baby’s room. Just have to cross my fingers and hope it’s enough time.

Other housekeeping things include having the driveway regraded and getting an electrician to sort out some seriously confused connections so we have a proper light for my new writing corner.

4. Blog Stuff

I have actually updated my personal blog within the last month! But I could so easily fall behind again. Life has certainly provided plenty of fodder, but not the time, energy, or focus to record it.

Even here on AI, my posts have been barely squeaking in on time. All my intentions to get out ahead of them, plan and schedule posts weeks in advance have amounted to zilch. But I still have time! Maybe once this show is over. Or maybe once October hits, since October is a No Plan Zone.

5. Writing Stuff

I wanted to start revising the novel right away. I knew I needed time to let the story sit and percolate. Now, I feel like it has percolated long enough but I still haven’t started the actual revision.

Two months left and not many evenings available for creative hours. I know it’s time (past time) to sit and DO, but knowing and doing are two very different things.

. . .

Realistically, I know Life has a lot to do with all this procrastination. I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding in two weeks. Within the next month, I have two friends coming to visit and a second wedding to attend. In addition to the new show and the 24-hour play festival. Growing a tiny human is ridiculously distracting, and I’ve had far too much stress over the day job since I decided not to return after the baby arrives. (That was a big, stressful decision to reach.)

Then last Friday – the day I intended to submit my letter with my official resignation – my boss gave her two week notice. We’ll see how all that falls out, but it means I held my letter. I’m still trying to process it all and gifure out how much I’m willing to compromise.

So my procrastination has not been without reason. Many good, solid reasons. I’ve been busy and productive in other areas, while these things fell by the wayside, but that doesn’t help me look at all the things I haven’t yet done that I intended to do and feel any less like I’m failing.

Please share with me in the comments what factors might be keeping you from crossing items off the to-do list?


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