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One thing I knew for Novel in 90 is that I wanted to have a bullet journal dedicated to it. Googling bullet journal for writers, I got close to what I wanted but I needed a system of my own.

What is a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a system that is relatively simple and adaptable to any journal you have. If you want the low-down, I’d check out the official bullet journal page over here.

How can you make a Bullet Journal for Writers?

The answer to this is pretty much any way you want to. The whole system is customizable.

What did I do?

Novel in 90 bullet journal for writers at

I focused the front of my bullet journal on the monthly log. Every month I will use another section of the journal to keep each month distinct. I will show off more of the journal as it is done but, right now, I only have the monthly log set up for my writing goals and events and appointments that might interfere with my writing.

I have non-fiction and fiction writing goals. Non-fiction includes things like this blog, my personal blog (which has been long neglected), and other blog projects or guest posts.

Fiction goals are for the Novel in 90 challenge.

How I’m Doing with Novel in 90!

Currently, I am on vacation with my in-laws. Which means only stolen moments for writing and lots of child wrangling (my daughter learned to crawl the day before we left. There is no baby proofing here XD). Which also means I haven’t totally decided which project I want to work on.

I will either aim to write 2 novellas in my space-punk series or 1 novel in my ancient story idea that has never settled into a non-plot-holed story. I have a book on vacation with me for worldbuilding of the pseudo-Medieval one. But it looks like it might only be ready to start writing after this 90 day novel cycle is through.

How are you doing with Novel in 90?


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