Everyone Needs A Cheerleader


Do you have a cheerleader?

I mean someone who sees value in the most random, off-the-wall ideas and is ready to jump in with you head-first. Someone creatively safe – someone you know you can share any idea with and not face criticism or judgment.

I don’t mean your grandmother who believes everything you do is perfect. Not that grandmothers don’t have a special place in the process, but you want a cheerleader who gets it.

My grandmother will cheer me on all day, any day, but discussing zany ideas? She might say, “I can’t imagine it, but I’m sure it will be great.” She’ll definitely give me the Look. The one that means she has no idea what to make of me.

I want a cheerleader who takes my zany idea and inflates it, making it bigger, wilder. Who, when I mention a bizarre-to-me interest in an MFA program immediately has resources and questions. Because she’s looked at them too. A cheerleader who, when I mention the idea of starting a YouTube channel has awesome ideas and suggestions for content.

My cheerleader feeds and encourages the zany. She helps me step outside my comfort zone.

She is pretty amazing that way.

So I would highly recommend a cheerleader. Or two, or three. And if you already have one, tell me about them!


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