Cleaning the Writer’s Office – After


Remember my writing office before? Here is a flashback of my absolutely mortification if you need it.

This update is all about the books. I went in with the goal to halve my books. Which means culling from my existing library, and cutting my TBR pile down by about two thirds into something manageable.

So, here is the after:
Kate's Writing Office - After the book purge of 2017

And some of you are saying, “Hold up, Kate. That’s it? The first photo set you posted had books in no less than 6 different photo locations.”

Yup, that’s it. I got my books down.

Starting tally: 850 books (exactly, which is kind of freaky that it landed right on a number like that).

Final tally:

435 books retained. Which means I retained 51% of my books. That’s pretty damn on the nose of halvsies!

415 books removed!

Of those removed:

  • 120 sold. (The sum I got for the books wasn’t that impressive. But the fact that I did it within two days of the cull is pretty absurd. I still have clothes to consign from a year ago.)
  • 200 books donated to the library book drive (trying not to think too hard about what they’ll do with them O.o).
  • 78 ARCs getting donated to a library contact. Most will find homes as either teen book giveaways or librarian lunchbreak reads.
  • 17 books set aside to give to friends.

The read books I kept were books I would very likely reread. The TBR books were kept with ones that I truly intended to read in the next year (or five). I mean, I could go down there, pick up any books, and be motivated enough to read it, no matter my mood. With a kid crawling up a storm, I really have to think about what I have time and energy for.

Is the rest of my office this clean? Not really. I have a TON of craft supplies stored down there that I need to tidy and this week’s mission was only books.

So this will forever be known as the Great Book Purge of 2017. Have you done a library purge before? How extreme did you get in culling books?


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  1. I am working on it. In our new home I have designated what spaces will be for books and I WILL make our collection fit into them. Thank God for ebooks and internet. So far not too hard, but I still have 25-30 boxes of books left to unpack.

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