Shifting Schedules


Right now, my life is completely shifting schedules.

For two months, I worked 7am to 1pm, taking vacation for the rest of the day in order to balance things at home. It was hard waking up at oh-hell-no o’clock, getting ready in less than half the time so that I could avoid waking the wife and baby, and being the first one into the office.

Right now, I’m in a transitory time. I am working 15 more workdays at full-time before I go on parental leave. I totally didn’t mean to count the days, but, now that I have, I am freaking out. I have about two months worth of day-job work to do in those 15 business days–which will cover my job for three and a half months.


This is the first day that I’ve really allowed myself to think about what those 3 months off will mean for me and my writing. We have daycare secured for the baby (when the desired daycare offers when their waitlist is 1-3 years, you don’t say no to a July start date). Which means my parental leave will be softening those daycare days so they aren’t totally full time…and writing. It’s like a writing sabbatical.

I am desperate to write. I have the stories in my ready to well up and get onto the page. I have loose plans to spend lunch hours scribbling away on outlines to see if I can get novels and comic scripts out faster than plotting in those months as well. And I have a little challenge coming up that Elisa and I are doing, which I will announce more about later this month!

I’m so close to that writing time, I can taste it. But I still have so much work to do between now and then, AND ridiculous summer heat to contend with (35C?! Seriously?!)


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