Leaving Work Mode…


Yesterday, I worked my last day at the bookstore for the next three months. Until October 31, I will be not working full time as a book buyer. I am leaving work mode…

…and entering Writer-Mom mode. Mornings with baby, afternoons with my words.


First up: family vacation. Going to BC for some time away from the city.

Second: Novel in 90. August 1st to October 30th, I will be writing. the goal is to start and finish either a novel or two novellas. I’m not sure what it will be yet–it should come together during my vacation.

Third: Sirens! My cherry-on-top of my writer-mom sabbatical will be not just Sirens Conference, but Sirens Studio as well. A full week of mountains, reading, and writing.

At this very moment? I’m exhausted. I’ve worked so hard to compensate for not having a replacement for three months at work. I supplied work for TRIPLE the number of assistants I had last summer. On top of everything.

So a short post today because I am going to rest for now. Once Novel in 90 kicks in, just wait for it: I’m going to let you all know how well I’m doing!


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