Failing Upward; or, Don’t Give Up


Anytime you take a chance, you run the risk of failing. Otherwise, where are the stakes? The adventure?

I had to cancel my workshop over the weekend because life happened to everyone who’d given me definites. Funny how that happens.

Maybe the problem lies in reaching out only to friends and family. They know I’ll forgive them if plans change. Maybe the problems lies in the time of year (summer is ridiculously busy for most everyone I know) or not charging at least a nominal reservation fee.

Whatever the problem, the workshop didn’t happen.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. The same day, I started talking to someone about setting up a private workshop with her and her daughter. I’m hoping she might invite one or two others to join us.

And if I don’t procrastinate too long, I might be able to squeeze in a workshop through a local Adult Ed program before the little one arrives.

My husband and I have recording equipment and decent editing technology. He has been encouraging me to work with it because he knows I’d love to tell short stories with it and just need something small to start getting used to the equipment.

I could break each workshop into a few five- or ten-minute videos for Youtube or a site like Skillshare.

Know anyone who might have an interest in that?

Failing can become an opportunity. I would not have seriously considered other approaches to getting these workshops out there, if the weekend had held even a small success. I would still be racking my brain for video practice projects to work up to storytelling projects.

So while, yes, it sucks that the weekend didn’t go according to plan, it’s awesome that I have even more avenues to explore than I’d seen before.


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    1. I’ve never gotten into podcasts the way I wish I could. Though now that I have a properly smart phone and a car that will communicate with it, I could load some up for longer drives…

  1. There are some writers who do fabulous 1-3 minute youtube videos. I’ve always been interested in doing something like that but I do not have the equipment. Maybe some time in the future.
    I very much have an interest if you get to it!

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