6 Month Writing Plan Update


Back in the beginning of the year, I realized I needed to shake things up as far as organizing and tracking my creative output. This was all in conjunction with my goal of writing fiction at least three days a week. I decided my big blue handcrafted calendar was the answer because it keeps writing on my mind since it’s directly in my face. Big X’s, big checkmarks, and word totals also helped.

I gave myself 6 months to see if this form of tracking would work for me. So, does counting my output on the wall work? Yes! But only if I stay on top of it.

As is usually the case, I was diligent about writing on the tracker daily for the first couple of months, which meant I knew exactly where I was goal-wise during the week. Then life happened and I’d fall behind; then playing catch up meant I missed a day here and there because I didn’t know where I was creatively. I’m proud to say that out of 26 weeks I only missed 4. That’s 4 more than I wanted to miss, but what can you do?

I love that my less than 3 symbols look like broken(ish) hearts.

For me, having a tracker on the wall is worthwhile enough that I put another hour into creating Part II of the 6 Month Plan. I learned from Part I and made the months 5 weeks long (d’uh, right?). I’m also going to continue to track the books I finish as a spur since I’m super behind on my goal.

I also need to do some ahead of time research as far as story submitting goes. I have been a complete slacker in that department. I’m going to research, add to the tracker, and then submit. Then repeat.

Finally, I need to make a plan as far as editing my manuscript goes—the Plan is the ideal place to do so. And balance this with my next two courses. Long story short, if I actively use the tracker, it is amazing as far as my accountability goes. When I start to fall behind, I get lost. The answer: don’t fall behind.

Now I really have a lot to do. So I better get to it.


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  1. I like the concept of a wall-mounted counter. This is something that prevents me from keeping spreadsheets well because it’s another app to open, I can’t see it all the time, etc.

    Maybe this is a sign I should get back into bullet journalling.

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