The Stress of Blogging


Sometimes, I find that the stress of blogging really starts to bog me down.

For instance, three months ago, I was two months ahead with my blog posts and was able to regularly post links to social media. In the last month, I have been squeaking in posts the day before they go live (like right now) and I don’t even have time to return once they are posted to share them properly on social media.

Life is never a steady trickle of things to do and demands to be met. And now is no different.

  • Work is in high gear and I am desperately trying to bridge the gap between now and when I will be on parental leave.
  • The comic always seems to have a surge of work built up, either in chapters to be written or administrative demands that are reaching critical mass.
  • Baby is on a good week (we think?) but last week is enough to make us wary of what’s coming next.
  • I’ve caught something that keeps switching between a coughing cold and allergies.
  • I sprained my left wrist–which is the one that is usually fine–and I’m realizing all the things I now do with my non-dominant hand to save my right hand for writing.

My allocated writing time for this week? precisely 1.5 hours which I am attempting to use now.

I have contemplated quitting this blog–but I ultimately need to stay on. I love keeping a record of my writing progress, goals, and struggles. I love knowing that others feel a kinship with what I express here.

But, in all honesty, sometimes I just want to drop a week or two. I want to use my writing time for keeping up with the next chapter of the comic, or planning out the next short story I want to write, or even finally getting to work on the novels I wanted to write this year.

It’s a love/hate thing. It’s a no-time thing. It’s a I’m-coughing-too-much-right-now thing. But I don’t want to stop.


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