Second 2017 Goals Check-in – Halfway Point!

Kate Larking's focus word of the year is Create.

I, once again, don’t totally remember my goals. I know that I have the goal of creating more this year but I have been checked out and over-working for the last two months. So let’s see what we have!

2017 Goals

Kate Larking's focus word of the year is Create.


Crash and Burn

Goal for 2017: Write at least 6 chapters of Crash and Burn.

How’s it going? I’m on my way for this. I have done 2 chapters this year so far, so only over half a chapter this quarter. But I also had to do a lot of administrative work for the volume and we are in convention season. I look forward to writing more in July–I hope to catch up and/or get ahead once I’m on parental leave.

Short story for Sirens

Goal for 2017: Participate in the anthology with a story. Submission window is February 1- April 30, 2017.

How’s it going? One story was scrapped, and one was written. I dedicated a lot of time toward the new one and I actually really enjoy it. The characters weren’t overly likeable at first, but they really took on a story of their own. I have a snotty brat princess in need of growing up, a jaded and murderous magician, and a bastard princess who is looking for her match.

Personal Writing

Goal for 2017:

  • Develop a consistent writing schedule. It doesn’t have to be every day, but I do need something more than, “My deadline is in two days. Better get those words out now.”
  • Plot, write, and edit the first instalment of my spacepunk story and plot the next two.
  • Draft and write a version of my cyberpunk story I might potentially shop to agents/publishers.
  • Draft and write some of my original story idea rework that hasn’t left me alone lately.

How’s it going? Well, the writing schedule is rough. However, I have a plan to fix that when I am on parental leave. Things are in too much flux right now. I’m working 7am to 1pm, rushing around for baby, and providing her with ALLLLL the eye contact she needs (and she needs a lot so that makes writing hard XD!).

Draft and write two NOVELS, huh? Well, that is still in the works. I do want to do them. I want to finish stories and get them out in the world. I’m desperate to do that now. But I haven’t practiced finishing something in a long time. This is my year to change that.


Goal for 2017:

  • Get that redesign done!
  • Continue my New Mom Writer series here at Anxiety Ink.
  • Start out my Confessions of a Book Buyer series at

How’s it going? Still behind. I’m actually questioning whether I want to continue personal blogging. I’m really really really sick of social media right now. I want to read more books and consume more material instead of refreshing facebook all the time. So I think I will take the summer off and get back into this in fall. (It goes without saying beyond this that redesigns aren’t done XD)


Goal for 2017:

  • Read 5 cyberpunk/RPGLit/VR/space adventure books
  • Read book on comic writing (I own it and have been looking at it…)
  • Read text on interactive storytelling creation (a joint project in the future with Crash and Burn artist Finn Lucullan is in the cards)
  • Stretch goal: complete the Sirens 2017 reading challenge.

How’s it going? I’ve been reading fiction! Or at least trying to. I keep getting swamped with ARCs I want to read, such is the life of a book buyer.


Goal for 2017:

  • Attend 2 conferences this year
  • Sell at 4 markets/expos/festivals
  • Make time for writing sessions

How’s it going? Two markets done by me, one market done by Finn. Solid plans for two conferences. Been making time for writing sessions. YESSS!

How’s it going for you?

I’m so excited for all of us here at Anxiety Ink. Melissa is doing amazing, especially in the face of being pregnant. After being a witness to my wife’s pregnancy, I know productivity is hard to come by and it is not a 100% pleasant experience (or, sometimes, even 20% pleasant). I’m excited to see Elisa’s update but I know she’s killin’ it!


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