Ink Link Roundup -YA LGBTQ reads, deleted scenes, logistics, and inclusive conferences


This week’s roundup really should have something for everyone.

Elisa says, Kate and I were just discussing the great YA LGBTQ+ books that are coming out this year! Here are a few you should check out.

And, I’m also a big fan of writing/saving random scenes to either squeeze in later or put in a different work altogether.

Melissa says, Algebra came easily to me in school, though I can’t claim to have truly enjoyed it. But logistics? Weirdly enough, logistics make me happy. They’re puzzles to be solved. Maybe that’s part of why I write fantasy, but that doesn’t mean the weird math of it is easy!

Kate says, any conferences looking for a solid framework for making an inclusive and safe space for a conference should look at WisCon’s example. This article details the experience:


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