Conference Ruminations from an Intermediate Writer


When Words Collide is only a couple of months away and I am trying to be extra prepared since I know I’ll be busy with coursework when that weekend rolls around. My vacation from work, which I normally plan around the conference, has also been interfered with so I have to be extra creative with my time and energy.

Looking at the panels in the works, I found myself hemming and hawing over what I wanted to attend. I had a similar issue last year and I realized something: I’ve outgrown a lot of the writer specific topics that I would normally be all over. However, I’m not at the stage where I’m ready to discuss my work with editors or publishers, and I’m really not ready to think about my marketing strategy. You need a polished product for all of those things and I don’t have one.

I would consider myself an intermediate writer sine I know a great deal about the actual act of writing and what needs to go into a story, like plot/story arc, character development, setting, and so on. I have a very rough completed manuscript, but it’s completed. I know the importance of editing, both by myself and getting an outside set of qualified eyes. I understand traditional publishing and going the indie route. I understand blogging and social media platforms, though I strive to continue growing with these.

As a veteran of WWC, I’m noticing it is much more geared towards newbies and those ready to network. I fall smack dab in the middle, which leaves me directionless. This lack of direction leaves me kind of frustrated.

I’m going to be much pickier about what I attend this year because I think a few panels have started undermining my ability to create–I’ll be discussing this in another post in a few weeks–and because of the day job I can’t throw myself into the weekend like I usually would.

I think I need to look into some different cons as far as my personal growth goes, but my ability to attend anything outside of Calgary depends on a lot of factors. It’s just not feasible in my immediate future–I hope that changes soon.


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