Cluttered Creative Brain


Excuse me a moment while I talk about my cluttered creative brain. I often find myself upset and despondent, unable to decide what I should or need to be doing.

Right now, at home, my wife and I are endeavouring on some belated spring cleaning. We need to baby-proof the house as the little one is on the cusp of mobility–aka total havoc. The table is covered in ARCs that I wanted to read–or at least flip through!–and receipts I need to tally for Crash and Burn expenses. But I don’t just want to put the ARCs away because then the piles of my hoarded ARCs and books will just grow ever-larger. So to get rid of them, I want to read them.

But to have time to read is to have time to clean, or to have time to spend with baby, or to have time to write. And I have chapters of Crash and Burn due, plus stories for anthologies, plus there was that whole goal to write books this year.

Basically, my brain is swamped with all the things I need to do and little ability to prioritize any one thing. On top of all of this, my full-time job is more physically demanding (oh, yeah, condense your sections and rearrange the whole trade section into less than half the space O.o!) and I am trying to get 3 months of work done ahead because I am taking parental leave and no one will be able to cover my area of the store.


I will be honest and say I wasn’t expecting to have so little time after having a child. Yup, I was naive. So anyone out there balancing a full workload, a writing side hustle, and a family? You have my condolences, and support.

So give me a hand.

How do you tackle overload? How do you break things down so you can attempt to get things done?

Or, you know, how to you let go some of the books you want to read in favour of writing your own?


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