Better All The Time: Halfway Goals Update


Goals updates alway surprise me. I spend so much time believing I kick my heels, going nowhere. But when I look back, I realize that what felt like fruitless circles are really massive strides. This time, I’m in an active, productive cycle, which helps make me feel like I’m getting better.

I have a feeling 2017 will continue to be an on-again, off-again type of year. I mean, it started with a bang. Creative hour’s resurgence propelled me through a revision. Then I got pregnant and first trimester exhaustion made creative functioning all but impossible.

That writing days tally? I haven’t used up my full 52 break days allotment, but I have no idea how few I have left. Being at the halfway mark, I could reset it easily enough. But quite honestly, I’ll lose it again. When the little one comes, if not before.

Somehow, theatre opportunities and events kept piling up. At four months pregnant, I did three auditions in a week and a half. Why? because I’m ridiculous. New experience: turning down a role offer. But all is still right in the world! No offer from the second audition. The third was an open call for a professional theatre company, with callbacks to take place over the summer.

I didn’t completely bomb it! And I’m proud of myself, which is all I can ask.

So. Social media. About a month ago, I upgraded my phone. (Finally!) Wow, the connectivity and ease of use is lightyears better. Social media has become so much less stressful. I even have – and use – an Instagram account! Find me @writinginterrupted.

I used it a bit over the weekend in Portland for my nephew’s high school graduation. Good time with family and nice to get away, especially as travel continues to be a bit of an odd duck this year. Here’s hoping I make it to Reader Con!

But writing. Writing is the crux of what we do here, so how am I doing?

Well, I’m starting the revision process. Again. And many awesome anthologies int eh works mean potential short stories simmering on back burners. But this novel…

I want the novel revised before the baby comes. Maybe that’s ludicrous with a full time day job, baby planning and associated worries, an upcoming production, and the rest of life. Not to mention my track record.

Probably the only one I’m kidding is myself.

Oh, yeah. And I’ve just started this thing with writing workshops. Or, rather a writing workshop, at this point. Time and place are set and confirmed! Now to just get enough bodies.

My writing productivity tanked sometime in February. Focus? don’t make me laugh. Part of this stems from the usual burnout cycle, part of it life, part of it discipline (or lack of), and a whole big chunk of it made up of my body’s changes and constant drain of baby-on-the-brain.

But things have been getting better. I’ve been getting better.

And now she’s kicking.

Did I mention we’re having a girl?


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