Writing Work


For the last few weeks, I have been cramming in an hour of writing work a few afternoons a week. Bit by bit, I get work done on writing.

I say writing work because it isn’t always writing. The perils of being self-published with a comic, dealing with convention and festival season, means administrative burden is high. Obtaining quotes and managing print runs, coordinating marketing materials, updating spreadsheets, dealing with timelines and deliveries… There is little time for…you know…writing. Especially when you have no time anywhere else.

Sometimes I wonder why I am working so hard self-publishing. It is an immense amount of work. It is also a lot of capital up front to make something, print it, distribute it. It is a lot of hours standing on concrete floors promoting the comic is a space you had to pay money to stand at.

But the direct connection with the work informs my efforts. I’m not sure I would work as hard if I didn’t know all the work that does behind it elsewhere. I’m not sure I would decide as well which work absolutely had to be done or if I would just kinda shrug and say, “Well, networking on social media is writing work…” (Yeah, it can be, but only if done well and with intention.)

I am more intentional with what I spend my time on. I am more intentional with what I write. I am more intentional with my writing work, knowing that in the whole picture, I only have so much time.

So I just wanted to share this in hopes that you’ll look at your time, and know how you could spend it.


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