Weather Influencing Writing


I’m finding my inspiration, motivation, and dedication to writing going up lately and I am fairly certain it’s weather influencing writing that I’m doing.

We had a really tough winter in Calgary this year. Lots of -30C days (and colder nights) and far too much snow. Add on top of that a newborn and you just aren’t leaving the house as much, instead retreating to a cavern of pillows and Netflix to make it through the nights-of-little-sleep and days-of-crocodile-tears.


I am slowly finding all my wits about me and am compiling the few minutes I have here and there into something I can use more effectively.

Seasonally Affected Writing?

I know that my depression is often impacted by the weather. I am at my most productive in spring and fall–summer is too hot for me usually.

When the weather finally started to break into spring (we are still getting the occasional snowfall and I’m still scraping my car windshield some mornings–when it isn’t ice from fain that has frozen!), I felt like a lot of my goals were coming back into focus.

I am ready to work on my personal writing, still aiming to query or publish books next year. I can get more things done on the comic in a day–even the administrative stuff that just murders me. I can do this, balancing my job, my family, and my clamouring-for-attention story ideas.

Does anyone else finds their productivity impacted by weather?


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