Devious Procrastinations Don’t Play Fair


We all have our go-to procrastinations. I’ve complained often enough about video and social media scrolling, but sometimes procrastination becomes more difficult to call out.

The need to name characters often becomes an excuse to procrastinate for me. I hate naming characters (now I have the added torture of needing to name a living, breathing person, so we’ll see how that goes).

There are many ways and means to procrastinate. It can take me ages to figure out if procrastination has me stuck or if the story took a turn it shouldn’t.

But the trickiest one for me is research. I mean, research is necessary, but how much should keep me from a story?

For example: I’ve had a short story running through my head for a few weeks now. I know the structure, the plot, the themes, and my viewpoint characters. Barring names, I have more than enough to start the story, but I need to do research.

Specifically, I need to look into the psychology of listening and being heard. This will focus and direct the actions of the story on an intimate scale. So when I started to think I could and should start drafting this story, that need for research pulled me up short.

It became an excuse to do something else. To procrastinate.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like this specific research aspect shouldn’t keep me from starting the rough draft. Afterward, as part of the revision process, I will need to work on that, but it shouldn’t stop me. At this point, it is just a vehicle for procrastination.

Time to write!


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