Themed Work Days for Writing


One thing I have been trying lately is doing themed work days for writing.

The Idea

The idea started with The Creative Penn podcast #310 where Joanna Penn interviewed Joanna Wiebe on Copywriting for Authors. Penn mentioned Financial Fridays and Wiebe talked about content writing days, where she slogged through all the content work she needed to get done for the week.

This wasn’t the first time I had been exposed to the idea of themed work days. All the mentions of themed work days for writing built up and it was timely to implement. I had three days off coming after countless hours of overtime, my wife and baby were out of town, and no few other plans.

The Plan

So my plan for the themes work days was:

  • Saturday – Crash and Burn Comic day
  • Sunday – Social day (I already had an engagement so I thought I would run with it)
  • Monday – Content day (Can you guess when I am writing this post?

My Crash and Burn day comprised of work I had put off: format the print file of the comic, update the Crash and Burn Patreon, update the website, getting signage quotes and dimensions for upcoming conventions, etc. I thought, yeah, if I have time, I’ll write more and get further ahead!

Sunday, see all the people. Write letters. Poke all the social media beasts.

Content day, write so many blog posts I can finally relax for a bit with my overtime workload continuing at the day job.

The Execution

Crash and Burn day was a success. I finished most of the work by 3pm (including reformatting the print files TWICE because I’m the most amateur formatter alive. And then I just got an email that I have to do it again and I’m DYING INSIDE).

By that time, though, I did not have enough energy to write. My brain was too far into the admin-formatting space.

A tip if you do themed work days for writing and you write a to do list: do not have your next day’s list visible to the page you are working on. I worked ahead on a few things and got frustrated.

Sunday was a jumble. Plans change when they involve other people, but I did get out for a few social engagements. I didn’t get the letters done because I had not slept well the night before.

Another tip if you do themed work days. When you finish your list, really don’t try to shove other stuff in unless it fits with your theme. At this point, you have permission to relax because you kicked some serious butt! So rest!

Monday, I am in the thick of the content writing for Anxiety Ink. Hilariously, I woke up to my house internet not working. I decided not to try fixing it so as to force me to focus. So far? It’s actually working quite well.

Themed Writing Work Days

Would you try themed work days for writing?


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