2017 First Goals Check-In


Are we only three months into the year? That feels like an impossibly short amount of time, but it has managed to fly by. I need these posts to keep track of my goals and take stock of where I am with them.

My year started off with a bang, in the best possible ways. My husband and I restarted Creative Hours to amazing effect, which kicked off a whole lot of creative things. Not just in writing!

But speaking of writing . . .

I finished the novel before February. Though I still don’t quite believe that happened. It then went to beta readers. Some whip cracking is on the horizon, since I’d asked that they return their comments two weeks ago.

Since then, I’ve slowly started whittling away at the novel rough draft I put on hold in order to complete the revision. Rocky start, but that’s a whole other blog post.

No short stories ready for submission, but I did get rejections back for the stories from last year! Go me!

Onto the theatre news . . .

Or, rather, lack of news. I auditioned for one play and took an audition master class that kicked my ass. I got paid for a few minutes of my time, which might become ten seconds of screen time in a terrible movie. Not much in the way of acting, but fun for bragging rights. And it makes a pretty good story.

By some stroke of luck – which had everything to do with awesome people and little to do with me – I received an invitation to participate in a reading of a new play. Though thanks to logistical nightmares, the project is holding indefinitely.

And! I launched a new blog series here (in case you’re new here or haven’t checked in for a while) Theatre Wisdom for Writers. Just remember: I’m a total amateur with no formal training.

And the social media goals . . .

My Windows phone is not long for this world. I butt heads with its limitations more and more frequently to a point that renders it obsolete. It is not the platform I want, so the transition to Instagram remains in limbo.

For my personal blog, I started off the year well! But now I have two months without a single post. Many planned, many scrapped. Life threw a particular curveball that made for a severely pared down couple of months.

How about that travel . . .

This year, I’m keeping it close to home. For financial and other considerations. But next month I spend a weekend in Massachusetts for my ten-year college reunion! (Can I feel old yet?)

And today I discovered a slight possibility of a crazy New York City weekend with a theatre friend.

Beyond that? Well, I can’t go to my little sister’s wedding in Vegas in November. My grand west coast tour is a thing of dreams this year, as well.

Again, that curveball life-thing, which I really can’t talk about here until it’s at least Facebook-official. Sorry.

In conclusion . . .

What conclusion? We still have three quarters of the year to go!

My year started with a crazy bang, entered a lull for a month or two thanks to exhaustion and burnout and craziness, and now I feel it picking up again.

I also have a feeling I have more goals to add, but not today. Look forward to that in the next installment!



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