Ink Link Roundup


Here’s this week’s round of Ink Links!

Elisa knows from experience that just the thought of trying to find exposure as a writer, let alone for one’s work, can be an anxiety inducing endeavor. Here are 4 ways to try to make it work – just click the link for the strategy you think will best work for you.

Elisa selected “Use social media research to decide which platforms are the best use of your time.” This article explains why authors shouldn’t try to be on every single media platform, and not just for the obvious reasons.

Melissa says, I love finding out new-to-me tropes. The woman in white trope is one I’ve certainly seen, but hadn’t really noticed. Also, my sister is a costumer so I tend to pay attention to that sort of thing.

Kate says, Chris Fox is going to write a trilogy in twelve weeks?! And he’s going to vlog all about it.


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