Ink Link Roundup


This week’s selection is especially varied. Enjoy!

Elisa loved this in-depth look at short fiction not only because it provides a comparison of forms but it highlights why all writers should be writing short fiction.

The Strategic Use of Short Fiction

She also found this slideshow of quotes by female writers. Prepare to be inspired!

Kate found this interesting commentary about the literature theme-stasis that exists in educational facilities and degree programs.

And an introspective look at LGBTQ+ novels in YA. The below quote from Emily E. Roach’s article really articulates something I love about reading YA:

“As an adult, reading books with teenagers at their heart reminds me of those awkward years of wanting to be accepted and liked, of being on the receiving end of cruelty and being cruel myself. It recalls fragile veneers of confidence, the bluster and bombast of negotiating young adulthood and the way in which fictional characters can help a young reader traverse the path to adulthood.” – Emily E. Roach

Melissa says, I love story conversations. It’s a big reason I love this blog of ours. So I’m fascinated by this list of books that are, essentially, story conversations. I’m sorry to say I haven’t read any of these, but I have now added them to my (miles long) reading list!


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