First 2017 Creative Writing Goal Check-in!


It’s that time of year where I check in on the creative writing goals! I don’t totally remember what I set them as so seeing how I’m doing is going to be a surprise!

Kate Larking's focus word of the year is Create.

You may recall, my goal was to create this year. And I have to say, I was well on my way for this in January and the first part of February…but the last month and a half at work have been SO BUSY I have barely had time for lunches, let alone creative work.


Crash and Burn

Goal for 2017: Write at least 6 chapters of Crash and Burn.

How’s it going? I’m on my way for this. I have done 1.5 chapters this quarter and would have done more if not for doing all the administrative work for having a physical volume ready for Calgary Expo at the end of April. I also wrote a flash fiction side story for the bonus content in the volume (:o! Who’s the focus? You’ll have to get your hands on the copy to find out!).

Short story for Sirens

Goal for 2017: Participate in the anthology with a story. Submission window is February 1- April 30, 2017.

How’s it going? *Blood drains from face* Oh yeah, this thing I haven’t had time to work on at all. I did write half a story, but it was a scene playing out around my character, not the character acting to change her world. I liked it but…it wasn’t holding me, let alone readers. So I have one month left to sort something out for this.

Personal Writing

Goal for 2017:

  • Develop a consistent writing schedule. It doesn’t have to be every day, but I do need something more than, “My deadline is in two days. Better get those words out now.”
  • Plot, write, and edit the first instalment of my spacepunk story and plot the next two.
  • Draft and write a version of my cyberpunk story I might potentially shop to agents/publishers.
  • Draft and write some of my original story idea rework that hasn’t left me alone lately.

How’s it going? Oh, I’m behind. I have underestimated how difficult it would be to set aside time to do writing when I have full-time/overtime work and an infant at home. Once work settles into something more manageable and less event-heavy (I do not like working weekends), I will set aside more time for writing.


Goal for 2017:

  • Get that redesign done!
  • Continue my New Mom Writer series here at Anxiety Ink.
  • Start out my Confessions of a Book Buyer series at

How’s it going? I’m behind, again. But I have made progress on all of these, mostly the New Mom Writer series here on Anxiety Ink.


Goal for 2017:

  • Read 5 cyberpunk/RPGLit/VR/space adventure books
  • Read book on comic writing (I own it and have been looking at it…)
  • Read text on interactive storytelling creation (a joint project in the future with Crash and Burn artist Finn Lucullan is in the cards)
  • Stretch goal: complete the Sirens 2017 reading challenge.

How’s it going? I’ve been reading fiction! Or at least trying to. I keep getting swamped with ARCs I want to read, such is the life of a book buyer.


Goal for 2017:

  • Attend 2 conferences this year
  • Sell at 4 markets/expos/festivals
  • Make time for writing sessions

How’s it going? First major expo is coming up in a month and we are almost ready to go. Conferences are after the year’s midpoint, but the writing sessions… I need to get those into gear.

How’s it going for you?


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