Acquiring a New Skillset


It seems that I piqued some interest with my Confidence post last month when I used the phrases “I was faced with the very urgent need to make some major life decisions” and “I’m finally able to start taking steps forward as far as my writing career is concerned.” It’s only fair that I go into a little more detail now.

In February, after discussions with close friends and a coworker, I had to face reality and see that I have been standing still for a while as far as the day job goes. And life. On the positive: I like my job, I like the perks, it gets my bills paid, and I like the people for the most part. The negative: I have no creative outlet, I am not challenged as far as my writing skills go because I barely use them, it pays my bills but as far as wanting to move out on my own (or hit other financial goals) I cannot do that in my current role, and there is no room for advancement in my building.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to move forward. I want to take the next step in my career and actually earn a living I can live on. I want to move out on my own. I want new challenges.

Change terrifies me, but I am in desperate need. I can’t keep treading water.

In the midst of this realization, I did some light job hunting in order to get a sense for what’s out there, when I came across a dream position. One I was woefully unqualified for. But heck, I wanted it! I applied, and didn’t hear a peep.

While considering my complete lack of qualifications, I asked myself why I hadn’t doubled as a communications major while getting my English BA. I asked myself why I hadn’t taken any communications courses. I asked myself a lot of things as I lamented life choices.

Mad at myself, I did what I do every few months: I looked online at different business courses I could take and still work and perhaps acquire some skills to help me move up in the world. None of them caught my eye, so I found myself trolling through the University of Calgary’s website until I landed in continuing education. There, I found a professional writing certificate program with options to specialize in different aspects of business writing.

I’ve wanted to get into freelance for a while now, but have felt unqualified and overwhelmed. I’ve learned a bit about marketing here and while trying to grapple with creating an author platform. I have an interest in public relations. Specializing in marketing and PR sounded exciting, and I’d learn about the other aspects of business writing to boot.

I looked at my funds and resources and determined it was time to take the next step –I needed to spend money to help me make money down the road. And so another dream opportunity didn’t catch me unprepared.

So there you have it. I’m all set to start acquiring a new skillset in business writing. I’m nervous and excited and counting down to the start of my first course in April. As you read this I am knee deep in the introductory to online learning course.

Wish me luck!


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