Theatre Wisdom for Writers: New Series Introduction


Theatre comes up a lot for me as a topic. I love it. It’s another mode of storytelling. I’ve found a lot of parallels with writing, and continue to find more, so I wanted to start a series specifically about that.

If some of the ideas in these posts seem familiar, that’s probably because I’ve dragged them into other posts before. But I want to use this series to explore those ideas more in-depth.

I don’t have a degree in theatre (though a large part of me wishes I did). I only have my experiences: high school, that one college class, community theater, and the few master classes I’ve snuck in. Don’t expect any great acting insights! But the learning is constant and I keep finding truths that span the different storytelling  modes.

Do you have any questions or thoughts related to theatre and storytelling? Please let me know in the comments!


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